Student Corner

Student Life at Ashoka is a vibrant and active one. Students of CS constantly engage in activities beyond classrooms, including ones organised by the numerous CS Clubs and Societies on campus. This corner is a glimpse into what we’ve been upto, recently.

Outside the Lecture Room

The process of learning and innovating isn’t confined to lecture rooms. At Ashoka, we take pride in how effortlessly our CS education spills beyond the classrooms.

Ashoka has multiple avenues for students to engage in activities they enjoy and talents they want to nurture. The community on campus is accommodating and welcomes everyone with open arms. For any interest, you will find fellow students sharing your passion. The student community at Ashoka is strong, supportive and inclusive. Outside classes, students actively engage in Club activities, personal projects, hackathons, competitive coding and so on.

Beyond Computer Science

Being housed in a Liberal Arts institute, CS at Ashoka is uniquely placed to work on problems at the intersection of various disciplines.

We have students working on projects in Computational Biology, Computation Physics, Linguistics and so on. Students have also applied various CS interventions in interdisciplinary projects impacting society and general healthcare. In doing so, the rigour of a Computer Science education isn’t compromised.

The Campus Advantage

Ashoka University provides its CS students with ample avenues to explore their interests outside the classroom. There are numerous clubs and societies, events, labs, and facilities for every student to discover their niche and get lost in the sea of opportunities.  

CS Society

The CS Society at Ashoka is a rapidly growing space for like-minded people to come together, explore and nurture their interests in CS.

Women in Computing Society

WiCS is a bunch of passionate students working towards making the CS Culture at Ashoka healthier, safer and more inclusive.

Makers' Space

Ashoka has a state-of-the-art Makers’ Space equipped with Ultimaker 3D-printers, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos and other hardware

Graduate Acceptances

Ashoka CS Alumni have gotten into top class universities throughout the world such as NYU, CMU, Brown, Georgia Tech, and many others.


Ashoka CS majors have also made their mark in the industry, ranging from Google, Microsoft, Fractal, Groww etc.

Community Events

Round the year, we have multiple community events, such as Movie Screenings, Show-and-Tells and an annual CS Mixer with free food

Ashoka helped me build meaningful lifelong connections and grow as a person and I look forward to being associated with the University as alumni and giving back to the community that gave me a lot.

Onish GargSWE at Google Inc
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