Ashoka School of Advanced Computing

Core Vision

The School for Advanced Computing (ASAC) at Ashoka is envisioned as the first-of-its-kind initiative in an interdisciplinary environment. It is committed to instruction and enquiry of the future of computing and its evolving applications across disciplines. 

Its vision is to steer the teaching and research of core computer science disciplines across all academic programmes. Its effort is to work horizontally be it across domains or Centers to:

Create a foray into research and education of computing

By creating an immersive environment for the study and exploration of computing within the CS domain.

Build interdisciplinary collaborations

Both externally with industry, academia, government and policymakers, and internally with Ashoka’s existing Centres and departments.

Address complex societal challenges

By advancing education and research in analytical methods in statistics and data science, and applying these tools to diverse areas.

ASAC will bring computational thinking to social sciences in India

The character of computational thinking that Ashoka wants to emphasize are:



Argumentative methods

Impossibility results, models and limits of computation and information, universal computation, completeness and soundness arguments, logic

Key strands include:

Advisory Council

Core Themes

Core thematic areas to build the foundation for academic and research initiatives

Centre for Health Analytics and Trends (CHART)

Health is a key challenge in India. With its diversity and disease burden, India provides more opportunities in health analytics than most other geographies. The Center would leverage other Centres such as CSBC and School of Biology as well as our relationship with Haryana government.

Centre for Digitization and Society (CDS)

In recent times India has embraced digitization in public life at a scale that no other country has dared.
This brings unique opportunities to ask both theoretical and applied research questions in diverse CS related areas.

Centre for Learning Analytics (CLA)

The Centre would house research at the intersection of Computer Science, Data Science and Learning Science. Learning analytics (LA) combines scientific knowledge and theory on learning, and applies a rigorous combination of theory, data, and analysis to develop and improve educational systems.

Centre for Data Science and Analytics (CDA)

To become the leading  academic institution in India, and Asia, to offer world-class, and first-of-its-kind research, teaching, training and capacity building services in data science as well as provide a repository of open access/public data across interdisciplinary fields.

The Centre for Data Analytics would collaborate with other existing data and analytics groups including the established Centres at Ashoka such as Centre for Economic Data Analysis (CEDA) and the Trivedi Centre for Political Data (TCPD) and form the infrastructural foundation for CHART, CDS and CLA

ASAC: Short-term goals

ASAC aspires to build both depth in core CS instruction and research as well as cross-pollinate ideas and initiatives to deliver an unmatched learning experience for both students and faculty at Ashoka. This vision is being brought to life with the guidance and mentorship of global leaders that form the Scientific Advisory Group, high quality internationally recruited faculty, and bright young researchers.

To support the ASAC, state of the art physical infrastructure of 80,000 sq ft with cutting edge research and development facilities is being allocated within the 8 acre Science Park in the North Campus. This is accompanied by a seed grant of 100 Crore INR.

Overall, this supports CS@Ashoka’s vision to be at the forefront of CS Education in India, and provide a research environment of international stature.

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