The CrossThink

A Student-Led Interdisciplinary CS Journal for the 21st Century

Edition 1 (Monsoon 2022) Theme

Digitisation and Society


About the Theme

The current edition’s theme is Digitisation and Society. In the present day, digital artefacts and online practices penetrate a substantial subset of our daily lives. The scalability of digital transformation is unprecedented and ranks right on top of the list of most disruptive technologies in modern history. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and other modern technologies – the world has become a hyperconnected sphere with no real boundaries in the cyberspace. This gives birth to infinite opportunities as well as several critical issues. The CrossThink encourages submissions that addresses these issues, identifies possibilities and scope for positive impact through digitisation. Authors are free to adopt any views on related issues so long as their arguments are evidence-based and coherent. Some suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Digital Economy and Payment Systems
  • Social Media and Online Narratives
  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Ethics of AI/ML
  • Surveillance and Privacy
  • Data and Government Policy
  • Voting Systems and digital citizenship
  • Censorship and IT legislation

About the CrossThink

The last decades saw Computer Science turn inwards and build stronger machines to advance technology. However, today it is no longer about stretching the boundaries of Moore’s Law. We believe that the upcoming decade is when the field shall turn outwards, welcoming collaborations in various interdisciplinary areas of study. The CrossThink is an initiative in this direction, led by the students of Ashoka University.

Aim, Scope, and Perspective

The aim of this student publication is to challenge existing standards of academic publishing and introduce an interdisciplinary perspective in Computer Science, housed at a liberal arts institute. We aim to put forward the student opinion on pressing issues of national and international importance through evidence-based investigation.

The broad scope for this publication is the intersection of  CS and the evolving modern Society. By the very nature of the theme, the publication is open and encouragingly welcomes submissions from fields beyond Computer Science.

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