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Department Overview

The unique positioning of our department in a liberal arts environment in India engenders opportunities to apply computational thinking to the sciences and the social sciences, as well as take advantage of the cross-pollination of ideas from other disciplines to generate and define problems in CS.

We are actively doing impactful research towards disciplinary questions in CS as well as bringing CS methods into the natural and social sciences. The undergraduate Computer Science (CS) major at Ashoka acknowledges the relevance of computing and information science to every academic discipline, and emphasizes exposure to interdisciplinary research that will drive innovation in the future. 

In particular, the department is actively engaged in digitisation and data questions in health, education and welfare; cryptography, privacy and security; data science and AI for public good; epidemiology and modelling; molecular and systems biology; quantum computing; psychology; environment; elections and politics.

The department has ambitious plans to develop exciting multidisciplinary CS+X programmes, both for research and teaching.

Driving Collaborations

The push: Active logistical and direct support of nontraditional and interdisciplinary work in CS

Not just research: Ability to teach pioneering new interdisciplinary courses and opportunities to collaborate with faculty from other disciplines in designing and teaching such curricula.

Can’t buy that: Deep cultural integration and respect for interdisciplinary work and a history of enabling non-siloed research and coursework

Current Goals

Building Critical Mass

Actively expanding faculty.

We are hiring top-notch faculty across disciplines.

Multidisciplinary Research

Common general introduction to the basic sciences, computing, probability and data, humanities and ethics, sociology, economics, political science, history…

CS+X Specialization

Research-focussed Post-Graduate Programmes

Phd, and Integrated Phd with exit option at Masters’ 

Easy for UGs to continue

Cross disciplinary input

School of Computing

Enabling bridges

Supporting student startups
and partnerships

Why Study Here?

An Ashoka education carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, thorough academic research based on rigorous pedagogy, and hands-on experience with real-world challenges. The 1400 students on campus, drawn from over 28 states and 98 cities in India as well as 17 other countries, receive a world-class interdisciplinary education through undergraduate and post-graduate programmes led by internationally renowned faculty.

Ashoka University is a pioneer in its focus on providing a liberal education at par with the best in the world. The aim at Ashoka is to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and become leaders with a commitment to public service.

The University offers Majors in 11 subjects and Interdisciplinary Majors in a further 9 subjects, thereby offering students a total of 20 options to major in. They can also pick Minors from among 18 programmes on offer.

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