November 1, 2021


Intelligent Radar Systems

Can we use modern deep learning methods, to avoid the use of expensive hardware and computationally-expensive signal processing methods for object detection? One can train models on mini-Doppler maps, collected via software defined radios. One crucial idea is to try and operate in less crowded frequency ranges like 433 MHz, allowing us to use inexpensive...
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Verifiable Delay Functions

A delay function is a cryptographic technique used for adding delay into the function computation. A verifiable delay function or VDF (Boneh et al., CRYPTO ’18) is a publicly-verifiable function that takes a predetermined amount of to compute, regardless of parallelization. The downside of standard VDFs is that intermediate steps of the computation are not...
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Governments, Corporates and Digital Citizenship – A Panel Discussion

The CS Society at Ashoka University conducted a highly engaging Panel Discussion on Governments, Corporates and Digital Citizenship on the 30th of October, as a part of a student-led campaign to observe the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The panelists for the event were: Subhashis Banerjee (Ex-HoD @ IIT, Delhi), Debayan Gupta (Research Affiliate @ MIT/ MIT Sloan), Gunjan Chawla (Program Manager @...
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