Undergraduate, Ashoka University
Smart City Hubballi-Dharwad
Smart Cities Hubballi-Dharwad is a part of Smart Cities India, a nation-wide program. I worked on a project where we tried to make government data public and accessible easily. We gathered data relating to all the works going on under the municipal corporation and their details such as stages of completion, source of funding and expenditures etc. from the municipality. This data was put on a website in an understandable manner.
We also generated some map based visualisations and graphs which would help common person understand more intuitively.
Additional tools were built for the convenience of the officials which would help them monitoring works, complaints and resources in an efficient way.
Pi-- A smart home assistant

(This was our project for Human Computer Interaction course .)

Pi is a smart home assistant that understands human language. It can also have conversation with you. It controls multiple devices and tries to disambiguate commands on its own.
TV remotes these days have over 40 buttons and several options and hence complicated to use. We don't even use all the available functions because they are complex and not intuitive.
So we made a voice controlled remote for our project which would control not just TV but lights, fans and other devices.
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India @70
India @70 was a project I worked on when I was interning at Ratan J Batliboi Consultants, Mumbai. I was a part of an urban design team which worked on creative makeover proposals for two iconic maidans of Mumbai, August Kranti Maidan and Azad Maidan. This was a part of a larger project, in collaboration with Observer Research Foundation, which aimed at re-imagining public places throughout the country and have them renovated by 2017, 70th year of independence.
Amuse Labs
I worked at Amuse Labs in multiple stints. Most of my work at Amuse Labs was designing the apps and the website. I also worked on developing an iOS app and a tool to help crossword creators create puzzle easily. Apart from these, I also created some puzzles.
Swachh Dharwad
As a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, me and my friends prepared a report on the best practices to be followed at municipality level. We tried to find out some innovative solutions that were practical and easily implementable.
Chiguru Chilume
Along with a few schoolmates I started Chiguru Chilume, an e-newsletter for my school, Baalabalaga. This featured articles, drawings, photographs etc. from school children, teachers, parents and wellwishers.

We recently started monthly film screenings at our school as a part of the same project.